Hooked on a feeling.

The services we provide physicians and their staff allow them precious time and resources to do what they do best – care for patients. And no one does it better. Hear it from them.

Best of the Best

Apex Pharmacy consistently outperforms our other specialty pharmacy vendors in four critical areas:

Communication – Apex is proactive and responsive to our staff and patients;

Follow-through – We trust and depend on Apex to solve problems and save us time. If Apex says a problem will be solved our staff does not have double and sometimes triple-check to make sure that the work is being done as our staff must do with other larger specialty pharmacies;

Speed of Service – Working with other specialty pharmacies is so time consuming and frustrating. Apex’s turnaround time is days faster. Emergent situations are handled same-day whereas our other vendors treat these situations with no urgency at all.

Personal Connection – Our staff can call Apex and speak with someone there who is familiar to our personnel and with our patients. That consistency is hugely valuable to [us].

Gastroenterologist, Kansas City 

Above and Beyond

If an issue arises, we know who to call and within minutes will know the status of the situation and when it will be resolved. This may seem like a small thing, but other specialty vendors take multiple days to respond and their customer service representatives are never able to track previous conversations or confirm receipt of faxes or referrals. In fact, these other providers often lose prescriptions and documentation of phone calls. Something as simple as a fax confirmation and workflow assignment is a great example of how Apex goes above and beyond to deliver for [us].

Dermatologist, Overland Park

Apex Cares

It is clear that Apex Pharmacy and their staff care about our patients. Every employee is friendly and they remember our names. They are prompt and proactive in their communication – keeping us informed of status at every step of the way.

Dermatologist, Lee’s Summit

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We know that filling a Specialty Medication can be a long, confusing and expensive process.  We’re here to help.

At Apex, we strive to make filling a Specialty Medication as simple and seamless as possible for both the patient and provider. If there’s anything we can do to assist you, please let us know.

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