There’s more to Rx than medication.

Any pharmacy can fill a prescription.  It takes a unique combination of tools, training and expertise to fill a specialty medication and treat a patient.  From taking ownership of the entire prior-authorization process to providing our patients comprehensive medication therapy management – Apex has the process covered from start to finish.

Advocates for your health at every step.

Specialty medications are the result of complex scientific engineering and the process of prescribing, filling and using these medications can feel equally complicated. Apex gives you the tools, support and resources you need to successfully and cost-effectively manage your health. We work with your insurance to get your medication approved; work with foundations and pharmaceutical manufacturers to help make your medication affordable; and provide all the information and training you need to use your medication and control your condition.

Clinical support

  • Have a question about your medication? Your phone calls and emails are answered by a specialty-trained pharmacist – not a customer service rep or automated phone system
  • Our staff of Clinicians call you with information on how and when to use your medication allowing you to control your health
  • Our specialty-trained pharmacists provide medication therapy management (MTM) to help you avoid drug side effects and manage medications across multiple conditions

Financial support

  • We’ve helped secure our patients over $30 million in grant funding from foundations and non-profits
  • We assist providers with information on drug manufacturer programs that provide medications to the uninsured
  • We help patients navigate through options they might not be aware of through Medicare and Medicaid
  • Apex is committed to providing specialty medications to our patients at the lowest possible price – but if another pharmacy can offer our patient better pricing due to contractual arrangements with their insurer we’ll gladly transfer the prescription. No hassle. No red tape

Customer service

  • When you call Apex you’ll talk to a real-life human being
  • No long hold-times. No robo-systems or phone trees. No transfers from department to department in search of answers
  • You’re a person, not a prescription. Our pharmacists, nurses and staff all know your name
  • Our specialty-trained pharmacist calls to schedule your refill – not a robo-dialer or customer service rep
  • Free next-day shipping nationwide with tracking
  • Telephonic access to our specialty-trained pharmacist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Live in Kansas City? Apex has 4 full-service locations in the metro area to serve you

Questions or concerns?  Contact us

We know that filling a Specialty Medication can be a long, confusing and expensive process.  We’re here to help.

At Apex, we strive to make filling a Specialty Medication as simple and seamless as possible for both the patient and provider. If there’s anything we can do to assist you, please let us know.

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